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Millions Life Marketing : A mission for millions people to secure their lives

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Poverty is a tragic condition that afflicts millions of people around the globe.

Free Education for Poor's

India is a country with more than one billion people, and just one-third of them can read. Rapidly growing size of population, shortages of teachers, books, and basic facilities, and insufficient public funds to cover education
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Human Rights Programs

Degrees specializing in human rights have become more popular and important over the past several decades. Human rights encompass a wide array of issues, including preventing torture, bioethics, climate change,
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Pension Fund

A pension plan is a good way to secure your financial stability post-retirement. These pension plans which are maintained by the employers protect you from any uncertainty that may come unannounced post your
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Urgent Cause

Give Help and Take Help

Everybody knows that hard work, luck and talent each plays a role in our working lives.


$18,500 Raised of $25,000 Goal

How To Help Us

Helping others is a great way to spread joy to others and get the most out of life. Whether you’re helping out at home or in your community, there are a number of opportunities you can take advantage of!

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Log in or sign up for a PayPal account, go to the Request Money tab, and enter the donor's email address and the amount requested.

Become Volunteer

Well-qualified and suitable older candidates can serve as National UN Volunteers up to an age covered by the life insurance carrier.

Share Media

The ShareMedia team answers the call as fundraisers on a mission. And our mission is to help you generate more support for your ministry so you can see more impact. Our first priority is to get to know you and find out how we can help you the most.

We Help Many People

Millions Life Marketing aims to create maximum safety for each participant. But, unfortunately, periodically attackers still get access to the Personal Office of the Community’s members. In 99% of cases this is the fault of the participants themselves, who were too trusting or allowed to infect their computer with malware. We want you to be careful and not allow the scammers to steal your data, so we have created detailed instructions on how to protect yourself from intruders.


Our Volunteers Says

As a volunteer manager, you know the amazing influence your volunteers have on your organization’s mission

The notion of a Volunteer Management Annual Report is not new. There are volunteer programs that have made the publication a standard practice.

John Doel

This report is very similar to an organizational annual report. It’s a summary of information about what your volunteers accomplished within a given fiscal year for your organization.

Raisa Doel
House Keeper

Consider this report your special platform for bragging about your volunteers’ accomplishments. It’s an opportunity to share multiple perspectives on the value of your program

Josh Doel

perspectives that will impress your stakeholders and help you advocate for higher budgets, more staff, and greater influence.

Sasha Doel

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Meet Ocu Deyen

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Upcoming Events

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Scholarship Fund

12:00 am - 5:00 pm Montreal, Canada

Children’s Scholarship Fund of Omaha (CSF) believes that all families, regardless of income should be able to choose


Pension Fund

12:00 am - 5:00 pm London, UK

A pension plan is a good way to secure your financial stability post-retirement. These pension plans which are maintained

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We work with each partner to deliver genuine added value to our customers.

Join your hand with us for a better life and beautiful future.